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Interviews, talking heads, events and film.

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Make an impact

A Pictured Learning video production can range from emotive corporate film to explainers and educational content.

We focus on both the quality of production and the clarity of your message to ensure it looks and sounds clean and clear.

Reach a wider audience

• Communicate your message in a more compelling way.

• Document one-off events for on-demand broadcast at a later date.

• Provide content in a format people want.


"Julian turned our video around really quickly and professionally. He worked really hard in a chaotic (!) environment to deliver an incredibly polished product in a very short space of time. He turned around our feedback on the various edits really quickly and was fantastic at bringing our ideas to life.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services and look forward to working with him again in future."Sìan Brown, Executive Assistant to Chris Oglesby (Bruntwood)
"I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend"Gareth Bradley, Director of GHSB Training Limited.
"I found the process very simple and quick. There was a good turnaround in getting the videos back to us which was appreciated with the timescales we were working towards."Jane Livesey, Bruntwood.
"The filming process is conducted expertly. Amends to first edits were turned around quickly. End product is clear and professional. "Sean Thorpe, Abcul Academy.

Tell your own story

If you have a product or service to describe, a video may be the fastest way to do it.
We hooked up with our friends at First Aid For All, to produce a very simple 'piece to camera' describing their service.


Click each stage of production below to find out what's involved:


    • We'll discuss the initial vision including style, content, budget and dates.
    • We'll assess location(s) and deliver a proposal.
    • We'll help refine any scripts, ensure everyone involved knows what's expected, and ensure all participants have signed an appropriate release.


    • We'll record all people and location elements to be included in the video.


    • We'll take the best bits from each performance, clean up the sound, polish the picture, and add elements to compliment and enhance the message.
    • We'll add your company's branding & logo.


    • We'll make the completed video available in any size and format you need, and help identify the right format if you're not sure.


Click questions to reveal the answer:

  • Q. I'm nervous about performing in front of a camera. What happens if I forget my lines or mess up?

    We work collaboratively and provide encouragement / feedback where appropriate to help you deliver a great performance. If you're working from a script in a staged setting and are worried about remembering your lines, please let us know in advance and we can provide a teleprompter.
    Relax, have fun, and remember…no-one needs to see the outtakes (unless you want them to!).

  • Q. What equipment do you use?

    We own our own suite of cinema cameras and professional lenses, a range of wired & wireless sound recording technology, studio lighting and grip equipment. The scale of the production will determine what's required.

  • Q. What's the turnaround time?

    We would expect to obtain 5-10 minutes of completed video from 1 full days filming, with post production adding typically between 2 and 5 working days to delivery. However, timings will vary according to the project specific requirements and pre-production activities.

  • Q. Can the video be incorporated within an existing e-learning programme?

    Yes. We'll deliver your videos in whatever size and format you need so they can be added to your own e-learning design project. We'd also be happy to quote separately for the creation of a SCORM compliant e-learning module with your video(s) inside it.


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